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Ways to Propose in Fort Lauderdale!

Posted on Thursday, 01 September 2016

So you found your life partner...Congratulations!  Now to pop the question.  You are going to want to start this new life with a TON of great memories and they started when the two of you met.  How are you going to keep these great memories going?  Well, the high points are going to be the proposal, the wedding and the honeymoon and Gondolas West is here to help you hit your marks with your best foot forward.



Quite possibly the most important question you will ever ask someone is to spend the rest of your life together. What are the best ways to propose? This is where you get to practice the art of compromise!  You need to consider your partners personality and put your own on the back burner for this.  The reason I say this is that you may be the one that wants to write it in the sky, or include everyone in a restaurant, but if your partner is the more private one of the two, I would suggest you tone it down a notch or two.  You'll want to both remember this moment fondly, not just how embarressed the other was, or that it rained the day the skywriter was to fly above the beach. 

Fort Lauderdale has great options for both types of personalities. If you truly want to"Write it in the Sky" then the folks over at Van Wagner Aerial Media can get this together for you.  Pick out the day, date and time, grab a picnic lunch from Eten on Los Olas Boulevard and head to the beach.  I'd grab an air horn for when they say YES! and let the rest of the beach share in your moment!

Maybe a little too extroverted for you?  Come out withGondolas West on a private canal tour and make your proposal a private affair! Because its going to be a secret, let the staff at Gondolas West handle all of the details...we'll pick up the wine, appertizers, ice and have everything ready for you for either a two hour Fort Lauderdale canal tour during the day, or a romantic sunset tour in the early evening.

Stay tuned for some great wedding day ideas as well as some great places to honeymoon that are just a hop skip and a jump away from Fort Lauderdale!Get More Info!

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